h4x0r ! c4n b3

Hi, myself,  [#]./3x3.R()()T, CEO/Founder, WWW.GeniusHackers.NET and I am gonna start a brand new series of tuts on hacking "h4x0r ! c4n b3″ Means (Hacker i can be), get ready to fly right here and right now.

In this series I am going to share my views and experiences, more technical and less funny, with all of you. This series will give an answer to all of you, who are still confused in "How to start with hacking?”"Where to learn hacking?”"How to be a great hacker?”, and so many more questions which might be coming in your minds full of garbage like mine.

This is your ticket into the elusive underworld of the Internet, home to millions of elite computer hackers. This series will guide you how to walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk of underground world of Hacking. Soon, you too will be able to go into a hacker’s chat room and carry on conversations speaking the cryptic language.

"Hacker i can be″ will tell you different practical jokes to play on your desktop and tips on how to live the hacker lifestyle.

So.. fasten your seat belts and be ready to be the next hacking addition to this so called secured information technology society.

Next post in this series: Choosing a new name: A Hacker’s Identity

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