What’s in a name?  And what does your name mean to you? Family names, hippie names, wildly creative names-what does your name mean for your sense of identity?  Social science research has found that the names we are given at birth carry substantial psychological weight.  We learn to define ourselves by the names we are given.

But how can a name mean so much?  Your name can lay the foundation for your personality.  For instance, one may find that a young girl endowed with a birth name that is considered to be particularly feminine may appear to develop a personality based on her sense of femininity.  This may be traced to the simple fact that her parents, by giving her such a name, may be establishing an environment where those aspects of her personality are encouraged and nurtured.

A feminine name given to a boy may result in a GAY. No offenses if you are one of them 

So let’s give ourself a good and cheaky name, which defines our Hacking personality and put a positive effect on our minds and actions. Mine is SBEZTT. Oh I love it.

One more reason to give yourself a new name because all of independent websites out on internet require you to register a unique account for that particular site. I must have a hundred or so different usernames and passwords, some of which i don’t even use.

Some noobs (people new to computers) actually believe that when you register an account with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) that it allows you full access to everything else but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. so be forewarned, if you’re an active internet surfer you’ll be registering new accounts all of the time.

It is always a good idea to create some sort of standard for yourself so that you don’t get lost, by having similar usernames and passwords unless it’s for an important account. it’s also a good idea to have a junk e-mail address for this amongst other reasons.

Inventing a new name for yourself can be very difficult. Yes, you can always change an internet alias to something new, but once people know you by something it tends to stick to it, no matter how hard you tried to invent it.

The first thing to worry about is finding something you like; then follows the problem of making sure nobody else has already registered it on your favorite IM or E-mail. Usually, no matter what you come up with nowadays, it will likely need to be altered somehow; for example the alias "bug” would very likely be registered and therefore need to be changed to "bug byte” or "bug72280″ or something along those lines. the simpler it is, the less likely it is that you’re going to get it, unless you steal it by cracking their password    , but that’s not nice.

Some examples:

  1. Billu -> B1ll00
  2. Rock -> R03K
  3. Destroyer -> De$tr0y3r

You should spend a good amount of time inventing a name for yourself; its an important thing; it can say a lot about you, An alias should describe an individual’s personality or something unique about that person that can usually only be deciphered through explanation. It will be everyone’s first impression of you. It also extremely critical that you demand all of your friends irl (In Real Life) refer to you by your alias, never respond to your birth name unless you’re at work or in front of family. if it helps, an internet alias is generally between 6-13 characters long.

Make sure you have a Hacking alias.

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