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How to Deface a Rooted Server
How to Deface a "r00ted" Server 
Please try to follow along even if in some parts am not making any sees to you.
Thank you and enjoy the TuT':thumbsup:

**********STEP 1**********
First what you want to do is get a idea of what you want the deface to say and what language your most likely going to use.
*** common languages for deface are***
4.php(Not to sure about this one)
5.CS5 using adobe(If you wanna get fancy)
the choices may very....
but for this TuT am were going to use HTML because its more common. What ever language you happen to choose (I recommend HTML) you want to make sure you brush up on it and are very familiar with it so to be able to make a decent looking file to host on the "rooted" server.

**********STEP 2**********
The next thing you want to do is look at the server database of the location were you are going to be hosting the .html deface file and to see what the server will take and will not take from .html files.THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT you must check with the server and test out the files before you try to host or make your deface html file (Some Server I come across with only host XML or CSS) you want to make sure you know what type of language it will host and what the will not host.
alot of the times servers can be very expandable so it will take mostly anything you throw at it but just to be sure please check.

**********STEP 3**********
Well ones you have done all your checking and you looked at the server and you have a basic idea of what you'll be doing we can start building the your deface file.

***Tool's you will need***
1. notepad++(I recommend this version of notepad) link Click Here
2. A guide to all the html or the language you'll be using
unless your TOTAL NINJA:ninja: at the language then you
skip this tool
3. (This one you'll need it will cut the work in almost half)
phpMyAdmin- this tool will let you test your .html ect. and it won't take you a sec. to download here's the link one's you have all the tools listed here (guide is optional) you can start building the .html file using the tools i just listed it should be a snap if done right.
-OK listen up here!! at this point you might think am also going to show you how to write html too huh? well sorry to say it but showing you
how to right html and explaining how to do this would take WAY!! to long and if your here on a defacing TuT' and you don't know how to write html then you should really bein a html TuT'.my html TuT coming soon!!!
-OK so ones you have your html file is made you can save it as a .html file. you can name it what ever you want doesn't matter it won't affect
the proses at all and the one's you tested it out on phpMyAdmin and your are happy with the results thenyou can start the defacing!:hehe:

**********STEP 4**********
-OK the next step you want to take is opening your "rooted" server
BUT you always want to be sure VERY sure you have a good! proxy server running and you always havemulti s0cks for your http browser wen you are entering a "r00ted" server and never EVER EVER!!! set theserver config setting to your own settings(most servers have auto config for admin account)this logs the last login from the admin and ads the ip and port number it came from and if to don't have a pr0xy and good s0cks then you must be VERY careful of the IP and port you use and NEVER! set the config up yourself you'll screw-up the ip settings on the server.:nono:

**********STEP 5**********
-OK one's you are in the admin accounts and the server settings youwant to look for an .html or ect. and you want to copy all of the code you see.Then you want to open your regular notepad and paste all the code inside the notepad doc. after the code is all in there you want to save the doc. as a .html file name it whatever.Then you want to open it and see if the file looks like the site server you "r00ted" if so the you want to go back to the server then you want to erase all of the code that you copied, after you have done that you want to refresh the server setting and type in the URL of the site that you "r00ted". If nothingshows up but the page is done loading then that means you have just taken the html visuals out and the site is faceless!!!

**********STEP 6**********
-OK ones the site is faceless you want to so back to the server settingand you want to add your file and make sure that the server is runningthe defacing file.So about this point you think your done huh? well wrong your not, you need to make apath for the file to and for the user to be redirected to if this step is not done all the user will see is the blank page, another reason why you need a path is because if the admin of the server ever gets back the admin account it will be harder for them to find the file from were the defacing is coming from thus making it harder for them to take it down. :hehe:

**********STEP 7**********
-OK in order to make a good path forthe file you must find a empty path name on the server that is not beingused by another file hosted by the server. Wen i look for one i try to find the dorks for them on
but you want just guest most of the time and land on a empty one all the time most small sites have all the common one and not the Ftp paths and the .asp paths but its all up to you!
ones you have your file hosted and your paths is found all you have to do is replace the URL of the site and the redirect URL of the site to both of your html file and your path.
EXAMPLE: file path here).html
then you want to replace the regular URL with your are try it out!!!!.:yeye:
if all came out well and the deface page looks good then your mission is completed!!!.:thumbsup:
you have just defaced a website!!.
if google doesnt pick up on it then give it a day or two then try again am sure! it will work!! then the final step i to brag to all your friends about your hacked! site. :tongue:
thank you for reading...
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