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Hack facebook account using Backtrack
Now in this tutorial I am going to show you how to hack facebook account using backtrack 5. So just follow the simple steps. 
Open your backtrack 5’s terminal and type cd /pentest/exploits/set

Now Open social Engineering Tool kit (SET) ./set

Just hit ENTER and SET will Open , Now just select 1st option (1 Social-Engineering Attacks) and hit enter after that 2nd number (just type 2 as shown in snapshot)

Now Just select 4th Option "Tabnabbing Attack Method” and Hit ENTER 

Then select 2nd option "Site Cloner” and Hit ENTER 

Now here you need to add the URL of Facebook (if you want to hack gmail then just add the gmail’s URL) 

Now just hit the enter. 

Open new terminal and just type ifconfig and hit ENTER

Now just copy this IP address and open it in Browser. 

Now here I am just typing test email and password to see whether it works or not. 

Now just hit enter and switch back to our terminal and we found the Email and password ! 

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11 mohamed   (13.04.21 2:18 PM)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadfffdsggh

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10 gama   (13.04.02 11:31 AM)
we have to install it on victims pc ?!

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8 Ammar Ali Shah   (12.11.14 2:05 PM)
Backtrack 5 r3 is live distribution disc.Just have to download and run it on virtual machine
Here is the link

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7 dark hacker   (12.09.15 11:54 PM)
wacko guys backtrack is a very big program it take ours to install it

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6 Jabir Arain   (12.09.12 2:57 AM)
[b][color=blue][size=14] Bhai jaan agar apni F.B ki ID hack krni hai tu theek hai agar eska clone bana kr main kisi or ko link send kr raha hon tu us k pass link open nahi hoo raha Victim k pass link open ho or kaam kare ye kaise hoga ye batain ye trick local pe kaam kr rahi hai

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5 pro   (12.09.11 9:20 PM)
how to download this plzzz tell and give the link

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4 Rana   (12.08.20 11:07 AM)
bro back track k link how to download that

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9 wAlrUsT_mCaY   (13.03.09 9:21 AM)
Dude go to the official website.

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3 Pronoy   (12.08.11 1:11 PM)

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2 mohsin ahmed   (12.08.11 0:05 AM)
ayaz not possible without net connection

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1 ayaz   (12.08.10 4:25 AM)
will it show password without net connection?

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