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How to Hack Gmail Account with Backtrack and SET
A latest post on hacking Gmail accounts using backtrack and social engineering kit. Things you needed are following:
1. Backtrack 5 R2 
2. Internet connection 
3. A brain 
Now follow all my steps like I am showing in this post:

1. First open the social engineering kit using this command in cd /pentest/exploits/set and then press enter and then type ./set and hit enter like in image.

2. Now type 1 to select Social-Engineering Attacks and hit enter as in image.

3. Now type 2 to select Website Attack Vectors and hit enter as in image.
4. Now type 4 to select Tabnabbing Attack Method and hit enter.

5. Now type 2 to select Site Cloner and hit enter.

6. Enter the URL of the site you want to clone. In this case and hit enter. SET will clone up the web site. And press return to continue.

7. Now it will start cloning the site.
8. Now send ur ip address as a link to victim
9. Now when victim click on it he/she get the fake page and when he fill the details he will got hacked.
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2 2bodestina   (13.02.10 2:01 AM)
its just like phishing. pls pls teach how to remotely hack facebook or gmail accounts. except for keylogging and phishing and rats for which victim have to do something to get hacked. pls teach how to remotely hack.

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3 wAlrUsT_mCaY   (13.03.20 5:10 PM)
You can do it by Sniffing and if you are by remotely hack an account, you can only do it by keylogging and RAT nuthing else can do it ;)

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1 Codedhacker   (13.01.13 4:16 PM)
Give us the link to download SE Kit.

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