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SQL Poizon – The exploit scanner

SQL Poizon

SQL Poizon is a SQL exploit scanner. It is used for hacking the SQL vulnerable sites. It also search the SQL sites by preinstalled dorks in it.

It has PHP , ASP ,LFI , RFI dorks which are already installed in it’s list. You can also add your own dorks.

How to Use SQL Poizon :-

  • Select the Dork from the left column ( Choose which type of dork you want for ex:- php ) select the dork here it is trainers.php?id= then select your search engine type. Select the Country ( from which country you want to use dork for ). Then click on scan. and it will automatically scans for the SQL sites.

  • Now after getting the sql sites it’s time for checking whether which site is vulnerable or not just right click on any site below the links column in the middle and select the Send to sqli crawler. Their click on Crawl it will automatically check all the sites which are found in the Searching whether they are vulnerable or not  and the vulnerables sites will be on the below column naming Vulnerable links.

After this You will get vulnerable sites from the List. Enjoy and inject the queries and hack them :)

Download SQL Poizon v1.0 :- Click here to download

Hope you will like this tool :) and don’t forget to share it :D .

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