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Schedule Automatic Shutdown Without Any Programs

All you of might have thought about scheduling a shutdown after a while. There are several small application programs are available in net for the purpose. But I would suggest that you should not go for any external software for these kinds of simple tasks.

You can schedule a shutdown for your computer by following a few instructions. You can also create icons for a scheduled shutdown on your desktop if you frequently needs a scheduled shutdown. Read my article for creating a desktop shutdown icon.

Follow these instructions for scheduling a shutdown.

  1. Click Start menu(Win Menu)
  2. Click Run. If you are using Windows XP you'll see the Run icon in your start menu itself. If you are using Windows 7 type run on your start menu search and then you'll see the Run Icon.(Instead of Step 1 & 2 you can press Win Key + R to get the Run Command Wizard)
  3. In the Run Command Wizard type "shutdown -s -t time_in_seconds" without the quotes .Ex : shutdown -s -t 600, this will shutdown your computer after 10 Minutes.
  4. Click OK
after the -t you have to give the time in seconds. Suppose your want to turn off your computer after 1 Hour then use the Calculator to find the seconds, 1*60*60 will give you the result 3600. And then your command is shutdown -s -t 3600.
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