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Windows 8 Release Preview 64 bit lite without metro applications
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Windows 8 Release Preview 64 bit lite without metro applications 

(iso 2gb) after (installation size 4.5gb)
as name suggest there r no metro application
it doesnt mean it becomes win 7 there r lots of other features present in win 8
this iso is for ppl who hate metro and want to try win 8 on small drive <6gb

os build from orignal Windows 8 Release Preview 64-bit
u will not need key as i slipstreamed it (ProductKey = TK8TP9JN6P7X7WWRFFTVB7QPF)
Unattended - just give drive to install 6gb is sufficient
os will install in 15-20 min as compare to full orignal os takes 45min-1hr
drivers and services are untouched

component removed are

Character Map
Games-Game Explorer
Speech Support
Welcome Center
Windows Sidebar and Gadgets
All Languages except us eng
Shell event sounds
Sound Recorder
Windows Media Codecs
Windows Media Player
Windows Firewall
Windows Mail
BitLocker Drive Encryption
Component Cache (winsxs)
Manual Install (Setup.exe)
Natural Language
Parental Controls
Security Center
System Restore
Tablet PC
Windows Defender
Windows Easy Transfer
Windows SAT (Performance Index)
Zip Folder

DEP (Data Execution Prevention) = Disabled (AlwaysOff)
User Account Control (UAC) = Disabled
AntiSpyware Realtime Protection = Default
AutoPlay = Disabled
Paging Executive = Disabled
Power scheme = Balanced
Power button = Shutdown
Sleep button = Sleep
Control Panel - Classic View = Enabled
Show hidden files and folders = Yes
Show protected operating system files = Yes
Show extensions for known file types = Yes
IE Phishing Filter = Enabled
IE Phishing Verification Ballon Tips = Enabled

use it own ur own risk , do not install as ur main os, try 1st in vmware/vitual box,
install side by ur main os , working os.

please do not blame me if anything goes wrong, this os i made for myself , its my 10-15 hrs hard work
i am sharing with you, feel free to try, may not like all the ppl,

though i kept IE, better to use firefox ,chrome,utorrent preferably portable versions, as u install new os , change os
you do not have to start from scratch, install-add ons-extenstions-bookmarks , all the things will be intact.
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